New iPhone App Creates Postcards while Traveling

Point. Snap. Postcard. A new iPhone app makes sending vacation postcards as easy as a push of the finger. World Nomads ( announces the Postcard App for the iPhone that’s guaranteed to secure travel memories on refrigerator doors.

Here’s how it works. Users simply download the free app from iTunes. Using the app via PayPal they purchase stamps (the cost of $2 per stamp works for delivery anywhere in the world). Users then snap a photo that is then turned into a postcard image. Type a message for the back. Add a delivery address and then submit everything electronically. The postcard is printed in the USA on real high-quality gloss paper, stamped and then sent to the address on the card anywhere in the world.

“It’s that easy,” explains Chris Noble, general manager of World Nomads. “The cost is comparable to locally purchasing a card and postage, but without the Post Office lines!”

When making stamp purchases there’s also an opportunity to donate to one of World Nomads’ Footprints Projects that help change lives by funding community development projects that fight poverty worldwide. See:

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World Nomads is a travel services company that’s in the business of helping independent travelers stay safe and stress-free on the road. It provides global travel safety products and services to travelers from over 150 countries around the world. From great value travel insurance, travel safety advice, language guides and free online travel journals, provides the tools to keep clients travelling safely. All clients can donate to a community development project when purchasing travel insurance through the Footprints Charity program. is backed by a suite of strong, secure, specialist travel insurance companies.  For more information please visit

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