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Can You Be A Homebody and A Nomad? 

I’m going to be honest with you: I would have never guessed that at the age of fifty I’d be a nomad. 

Here’s the thing: I’m a homebody at heart and up until a few years ago I viewed the contentment of home and the thrill of exploration as mutually exclusive destinations.

Then my husband, Hank, and I set off on a multi-year journey with a vague plan of temporarily inhabiting Latin America and the adventure opened my eyes and heart to new truths about myself and the world around me. 

“At home” in Mexico. Photo by Rodrigo de Alba Gonzalez.

In a recent article for Yahoo Travel I share travel-tested tips for navigating a move abroad and why, after three years of home-loose living (having no permanent base) I’ve discovered that:

•  I’m more adaptable than I thought.

•  Kind people are everywhere.

•  Language isn’t a barrier to connection.

•  Living within your comfort zone is overrated.

  A car-free lifestyle is healthy and liberating.

•  That the joy that comes from feeling at home is internal and portable.

Read the full article on Yahoo ▶

What about you? How do you reconcile Home and Away? Use the comment box below to share or join the conversation or on the Yahoo article directly. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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JUST IN: New Craft Beer Theme Cruises Explore Islands and Shoreline of Coastal Washington 

The Pacific Northwest put craft beer on the map and now you can discover some of the region’s best brews on four new craft beer theme cruises with Un-Cruise Adventures.

The Seattle-based adventure cruise line has just announced new fall and spring departures in Washington’s Puget Sound and Salish Sea that bring together local micro-brew experts with adventure while cruising the scenic area from South Hood Canal to Olympic National Park and the San Juan Islands.  

The 60-guest Wilderness Adventurer expedition vessel sails roundtrip Seattle on a weeklong Explore! Olympic Wilderness & San Juan Islands itinerary from September – November and April – May.

Craft beer theme cruises are set for October 4, 2014April 25 and October 3, 2015 and April 30, 2016.

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FOR FOODIES: Top Tips for Budget Bites in Britain

Here’s the truth: The food is GREAT in Britain. Long gone are the days of bland cuisine and mushy peas.

On my last visit I enjoyed fresh, organic produce at local farmers’ markets, dined in cosy gastropubs and globally recognized restaurants and discovered a vibrant scene of fantastic street food. But with recent dollar-to-pound exchange rates it’s not a cheap place to eat.

The British summer brims and bursts with food festivals and markets that will whet any appetite.Are you or a friend headed to the British Isles for vacation? Discover how to eat well while stretching your dollars with these top tips for finding budget bites in Britain. 

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CONSERVATION TRAVEL: Discover the Story of Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest with Canadian Geographic and Maple Leaf Adventures 

For me, the ideal adventure not only introduces me to places of wild beauty - its landscapes, wildlife, cultures and history- but also plays a role in protecting and sustaining it for future generations.

So I was thrilled when Maureen Gordon, co-owner of Maple Leaf Adventures, told me that they had added a second sailing vessel to accommodate interest in an upcoming collaborative conservation expedition with Canadian Geographic into British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest, a vast protected area currently under the environmental threat of a controversial pipeline proposal.  

The SV Maple Leaf in the Gardner Canal, the B.C. coast’s longest fjord in the Great Bear Rainforest. (Photo: Kevin J. Smith/Maple Leaf Adventures) 


This 9-day voyage, June 19-27, 2014, aboard a flotilla of two small, coastal expedition ships, will raise funds for the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, coastal reserach and conservation.

With just seven guests per ship, participants will have the opportunity for in depth conversations with the trip’s experienced captain and guides, including naturalist and artist Robert Bateman and his wife Birgit, an accomplished photographer. The expedition cruise will explore the fjords, rainforest, and islands as well as do bear viewing and whale watching, visit whale researchers and local villages, and explore the area’s history.  

The 6-million hectare Great Bear Rainforest located on the British Columbia coast, boasts deep, granite fjords, a rich whale population, and bears – grizzly and black bears, including the rare, white spirit bear. There are almost no roads, and accessible by water. Since 2006, over a third of the land area has been protected. 

“The Great Bear Rainforest is one of Canada’s globally significant places,” said Kevin Smith, Maple Leaf Adventures’ president, and a geographer whose been involved in the highest level of land use planning for the area.

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CREATIVE TRAVEL: Journal Your Way to a New You in Morocco

Whether I’m traveling or running errands, I carry a leather Moleskine journal for jotting down notes, dialogue and observations. It’s a journalist’s habit that hasn’t yet yielded to my otherwise digital lifestyle.

But there’s an art to keeping the type of journal that can provide a transformative lens through which you can learn to see yourself with greater awareness. 

I recently teamed with career and life design consultant Kendall Dudley to teach a storytelling workshop and when he told me he was leading a 12-day Morocco Journaling & Life Design Adventure (October 8-19, 2014), I was immediately intrigued and eager to share.   

Morocco Journal & Life Design Adventure with Kendall Dudley, October 8 - 19, 2014.

Are you seeking a creative adventure? Read on to learn more about this Morocco experience and how to journal your way to a new you. 


This trip is for anyone in transition or between chapters in work, love, place or purpose who is seeking a means to awaken the senses and discover a creative structure for life exploration. Set against the beauty and exoticism of Morocco, you will learn to pave a personal and powerful path to discovery by revealing what intrigues you, what disturbs you, what delights you and what is newly emerging within you. 


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